Prefer to work 1:1?

Sometimes, 1:1 is best.

These sessions take the value-packed Canva Like A Pro course and deliver them to you 1:1 either in person or over video call with a screen share. 

We work through the basics of graphic design and building a brand, then get to work in and start creating.  You'll have the option to work at your own pace and ask questions as we go - stopping and repeating any areas we need to. We'll work with your specific business and branding so you'll be able to watch your business come to life as we go. 

We have around 5 hours of teaching time, and this is typically split over 5 1 hour sessions so you're not overwhelmed, and they fit in nicely with your work and home life schedule. 

Alternatively, if you're nearby, we can get together and do the whole thing in a day.

You can either pay the full £499 in advance, or in instalments of £99.80 per week.

If you'd like more information before booking, just drop me an email.

Sometimes 1:1 is the best way to learn. In these sessions, I convert the 5 day graphic design course into 5 x1 hour sessions we can work through together at you...
Canva Design Course
1 hr