Whether your business is brand new, or you're established and looking to take it to the next stage we'll work together to guide you through the growth process, discover the best way to share your value and branding with your potential clients and customers and get you making the money you deserve from your business


(that's less than £15 per session PLUS 30 days of accountability AND a WhatsApp chat group when you need it!)

This is for you if...

You know you could be making more money from your business, but you just aren't sure how

You're getting enquiries, but struggle to convert them into sales, bookings and revenue and often doubt yourself, wondering if its your prices or if you're doing something wrong

You're ok with social media, but aren't sure how to use it with intention to reach and grow the right audience

You don't know which area of your business to focus on, and feel like you're always chopping and changing direction in an attempt to please everyone

You know you could be serving so many more people, but get frustrated when you're having to sell the benefits of your product or service when you know it's so perfect for them

You don't know how to, or you don't feel comfortable creating a coherent brand to draw in the clients you want to be serving

Your design skills are limited, so don't feel confident creating content to wow your audience


Our next course starts:


What will we cover?

  • Your goals and vision for your business. Are you on the right path? What does the journey look like between where you are now, and where you want to be? 

  • Ideal client work - understand who they are, their pain points and how you can provide their perfect service or product

  • What does your business look like now? Looking at what you currently have, so we can see where there are gaps or spaces for improvement. 

  • Where can you save time and automate process'? How can you make yourself more efficient, while giving your clients a better impression?

  • Brand touchpoints

  • Running a business through your social media accounts - a look at your insights, how to measure improvement, how to get better results and reach more people with your posts. (Focusing on Facebook & Instagram, but covering the basics of Pinterest, Twitter & LinkedIn)

  • Basic graphic design skills - creating posts and content that reflect your branding

  • Lead magnets and email marketing

  • Websites - the basics of ranking on Google and whether you need a website

                             + much more... 


I have some questions...


EasyStrands came to me looking for some brand coaching to help them build awareness of their hair extensions holder. They have an amazing product that saves their customers time and in turn increases their revenue, but were struggling to get out there and get seen, especially on their social media. 

We worked through all aspects of their branding, but their Instagram account is where they have started to see real progress. 

They set to work with thorough guidance on what to post, when to post and how to post to their account and within 2 weeks were reaching 398% MORE accounts than before, without investing a penny into sponsored or paid advertising. 

Do we actually get results though?

Abi wanted to attract more clients to her business so she could move towards working full time in the salon. 

We worked on her messaging, overhauling her social media accounts and positioning her business so that people could find her, and immediately see what she brought to the table.

The following month, Abi was able to secure 9 new clients

Whether it's the day to day running of your business, or you want to take the next steps towards launching something new and don't know how, our group sessions can really help you get clear on the next steps to take and how. 


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