frustrated confused & hidden to

confident, authentic & thriving

Build Your Dream Brand is a 6 month, comprehensive group branding course teaching you everything you need to know to create a brand that feels like YOU, giving you the confidence to show up & start attracting those dream clients.


I know from personal experience how frustrating and confusing growing your business can be. Feeling like you need to take any enquiry just to get the bills paid, working all the hours to make the money stack up because you’re worried people won’t pay you what you’re really worth, and all while taking little to no time for yourself because if you switch off, your business might fall apart. 

Hi I’m Rosie!


Based in Devon, I’m a mum of 2 and Brand Strategist; and I’m passionate about helping women like you build a business that gives them freedom. 

Since leaving the world of corporate marketing and taking my business online back in 2015, I have been privileged to support more than 600 women as they’ve taken those first steps in business. I have created and hosted regional training events attracting more than 250 guests with speakers from all over the UK, and have had a consistent 6-12 week waiting list for my design & strategy services for the past 2 years. 


I can tell you wholeheartedly that the moment I focused on creating a brand that felt authentic, and like an extension of myself, was the moment everything changed for me. 

In the last 24 months I have

Increased my turnover by 275%
Increased my prices by up to 450% 
Reduced my working hours by half

and attracted a steady stream of amazing clients with a waitlist of up to 12 weeks


the answer is to create a brand that captures who YOU are, so you can show up confidently and authentically, trusting that your audience can see the expert that you really are

Let's make this your reality.

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Build your

dream brand


Build Your Dream Brand is a comprehensive 6 month group program running from
June to November covering all things branding & brand strategy.
It's the what, but also the how, with practical support and hands-on guidance.
Sessions are delivered in a combination of pre-recorded videos and resources that you can walk through at your own pace, and some live mastermind style sessions.

Month 1

A mindset for success
Good Habits
Vision Boards
Goal Setting & Mapping
Business Design
Defining your USP
Dropping the 'should' and 
forging your own path

Month 2

Discovering your Ideal Client
Understanding the impact you and your products make
Building your audience
Creating a community
Moving followers to clients
Social media branding & creating
inspired content

Month 3

Creating and developing your visual branding
Colour palettes & font choices
Creating your brand guidelines
Brand personality, tone and values
Your messaging
Personal branding
Client experience

Month 4

Building your service/product ladder
Digital products and a look at passive income streams
Pricing yourself for profit
How to raise your prices
Creating your unique signature offer

Month 5

Email Marketing VS Social Media
Landing pages & lead magnets
Building sales pages, and payment tools
Writing sales copy

Month 6

Showing up as yourself online
Automating your process'
Outsourcing & your zone of genius
Time Management & Productivity

to sum up thats...


of support & guidance as your build your business


content you can work through at your own pace


once per month covering more in depth topics


support sessions via Zoom so you can get support as you learn


Zoom co-working sessions to keep you accountable to completing the course


resources to help you move more quickly, and spend less time in admin


previous clients

 " made me feel at ease and supported me in developing the brand/business that I wanted. You have made things so much easier than they were before and reduced the amount of admin I do on a daily basis."

"It’s had a very positive effect on my business. Every thing is more professional looking and business clients have grown"
"Rosie is just simply the best - my business has changed massively, from my first 1:1 phone call with Rosie I knew I would meet the targets I wanted to, the knowledge and support was just amazing, no question was to silly, my goals has been reached and done even better than I ever thought I would do."

"Rosie I think the way you teach is brilliant.

You are clear and informative and methodical.

I've listened to so many people and come away feeling overwhelmed.

When I listen to you I feel clear and motivated"

You are the key to your own success.

When you show up as yourself, you'll make more authentic connections with your audience & start to attract the clients who value your expertise.

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let's talk BONUS offers

secure your place between


and you'll receive monthly 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me for the duration of the course so I can support you thoroughly and put my eyes on your business

Feeling stuck. Lacking the confidence to show up online because you're not even sure anyone is watching.
Feeling unmotivated, maybe even a little icky or embarrassed about how your brand looks because you know it's just not right. Maybe you've stopped using your logo altogether  and have little to no clear, coherent visual look on your social media or website.
Hidden, wondering why people just aren't seeing your expertise, and beginning to doubt your skills and abilities. Comparison creeps in and you watch other industry experts wondering if you'll ever be able to charge anything like their prices. 
Working from a place of desperation, feeling like you must take all clients and be available for messages and contact 24/7 so you don't lose out. Your focus is on securing the income even if it's a sale/client/project that you don't really want to do.
Selling a low cost offer because you don't feel confident charging higher prices, even though you know you'll be delivering phenomenal value.
Feeling lost. Comparison has got the best of you and you've forgotten how to show up online. You don't know what you should be posting and when you do post, you'll rewrite it 16 times for fear it just doesn't sound right. You're frantically ticking off a to do list filled with things you 'should' do and don't feel confident breaking away from the norm.

Right now you are

Having a growing business and getting excited to show up with an audience who are waiting for you to share the value you have.
Feeling confident! Showing up like the expert you are with the backing of a brand that feels as comfortable and incredible as your favourite outfit. 
Feeling sought after with a stream of clients lined up waiting to work with you. You've raised your prices and are looking to continue to raise them, confident in the knowledge that your expertise are worth it. 
Feeling empowered to pick and choose, and decline work if it doesn't call to you knowing that you have ideal clients waiting to work with you instead. 
Closing those deals and delivering the service and making the impact you really feel passionate about to your clients.
Feeling aligned with who you are, posting from the heart when it feels good, chatting with your audience about the things that matter most to you and them, with the confidence that you will run your business in whichever way feels good to you.

But you're dreaming of


take my money


pay in full

includes a kick starter 1:1 call



3 payments

Payments now, August & November



7 payments

Monthly Instalments



vip option


and have your branding crafted for you by a professional 

Perfect if you're fed up with figuring out how to design for your business, would love to work with a professional brand designer and LOVE the option to spread this cost over 7 months! (This literally NEVER happens!)


  • 60 Minute Brand Strategy Session with Pinterest board collaboration & questionnaire

  • Visual Branding Creation & Development

  • All the logo files and format you could possibly need as your business grows

  • Complete brand guidelines document so you can create a coherent looking brand


pay in full

includes a kick starter 1:1 call



3 payments

Payments now, August & November



7 payments

Monthly Instalments


Got questions?

When does the course start?

The course will officially start on June 1 and runs through to 1 November, but there will be journalling content as well as co-working sessions throughout May so we can get to know each other and start to think about what we'd like to have achieved by the end of November.

How are sessions delivered?

Any pre-recorded content will be accessible right here on the website so you can pop in and access things as and when it suits you. Co-working sessions, Q&A, Live masterclass lessons and any 1:1 calls you might have will be held on Zoom.

What happens at the co-working sessions?

Work! I know when you're busy it can be hard to find the time for anything extra curricular! Co-working sessions give you set times you can book onto your calendar and reserve for working through course content. There's little chit chat unless you want to ask questions at the end. They're a great resource for bouncing ideas around when you need to!

How can I measure my results from this?

Everyone will come into this course with a different view on what success looks like for them, and the results will of course depend on the time you can put in, how you implement what you learn and other things like audience size, your product or service. It can be hard to measure and results can't be guaranteed, but a good thing to do is look at how you want to be running your business and how that differs from where you are now. It might be income, hours work, number of clients... make a note of how things are for you right now so you can compare later.

What qualifications do you have to teach this?

I have been working in the online space since leaving my coroporate career back in 2016. I have supported more the 600 women as they have launched and grown their business, have a consistent waiting list of clients for my brand design/strategy business and have created and hosted regional training events attracting more than 250 female entrepreneurs.

What's included in the VIP package?

The VIP package is perfect if you have been looking to work with a professional brand designer. We will get together on a Brand Strategy call as well as collaborating on a Pinterest board so I can really understand your business, and then create and develop your visual branding in the same way as I do for my design clients. You'll receive all your file types, along with a detailed brand guidelines document at the end so you can go on and create an amazing coherent looking brand.

Of course, if you have any further questions please just get in touch and let's chat!

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