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A whole new take on Family Law

I'm not going to lie, we've been working on this one for a reallyyyyyy long time and it feels good to finally be able to hit that PUBLISH button! 

Jo is a family lawyer. She wanted her clients to be able to work with her 1:1, but also wanted to make her work accessible to a wider audience in the form of DIY courses and sample letters. It was important to keep that professional appearance to fit with her industry, but we wanted to pull in a more feminine vibe to reflect Jo and the unique spin she puts on things. 

We started the process with mood board design to ensure we were both on the same page with regards to style and colours, before moving in to logo development. It's so important to spend adequate time in the 'discovery' stages before you start to design things to make sure everything is designed with purpose in mind.

I just love how the nude shade remains professional, but it's light enough that it just hints at that feminine feel without alienating her male client audience. 

Those sleek business cards have been ordered in a super soft velvet finish for that extra wow factor ;) and the website is smooth and easy to use with some clever little swoops and pop-up features to give it that unique feel. 

So what does Jo say?

"You’ve been fantastic @rosie_wood_branding ! You got what I was trying to achieve from day 1 and I am so happy with the end result! You are amazing! 💕"

I think thats a win!

But we're not finished! There are more courses yet to be added, along with merchandise too, but in the meantime, HOORAAYYYY for hitting the publish button and making 'JO HODGSON FAMILY LAWYER' a reality!