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hey, I'm rosie

I help service based female business owners like you attract

more of the right clients, get visible online and make more money

through professional, strategy based branding & website design

does this sound like you?

You’re on social media, but are struggling to reach new clients and get seen

You don’t feel confident in your branding & know it could be working harder for you

You’re willing to learn, but aren’t sure where to begin

You feel overwhelmed by the action and direction you need to take next

Don't worry. You've just found the help you need!

I can help you...

Build and nurture relationships with the right clients

Get your social media seen & people listening to your message

Build a brand that will become your best sales tool - closing clients FOR you

Feel motivated & supported as you propell your business into success

Get clear on your goals and direction

what's my story?

After setting out on my online business journey more than 5 years ago, I realised FAST that there was a LOT I needed to learn in order to make it a success. I took massive action, educated myself and after 8 months of ‘side hustle’ was able to take my business full time and leave my 9-5.

My passion...? Supporting you while your business flourishes.

a little love from a client...

Rosie has recently completed an entire revamp of my website and I am IN LOVE! Rosie has created the beautifully professional visual site that I have always wanted to showcase my work. Rosie was so professional and listened to my ideas and needs throughout, explaining everything to me and making the entire process so simple and painless. I would highly recommend Rosie Wood. I really am over the moon x

Michelle Letts

Owner, Little Star Images

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